Radar Displays

Our radar scan convertor displays and converts traditional X/Y radar hardware to interface with a modern high resolution LCD screen. Hardware pixel persistence emulation means the characteristics of traditional radar techniques are the same but enhanced with modern display technologies.

With the latest in high speed fpga hardware processing OSD graphics and text allow graticules, bearing and heading information to be superimposed over the radar image. The LCD has a high brightness and high contrast 1600x1200 LCD and is also available in our extended high resolution display which has 2048x1536 pixels.


Accepts analogue +-2V X/Y scan inputs and 0-1V Video input
Allows radar to be scaled and positioned
Graticules and bearing lines allow objects to be characterised
High contrast high resolution LCD display

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Radar Display Products

Product Name Description LCD Touch Connections Resolutions Aspect Ratio Contrast Ratio Brightness Overview
AV7070-213-RD1 Radar Scan conversion display 21.3" X 2 x Amphenol 38999 1600x1200 4:3 1400:1 900 cd/m²
AV7070-213-HRD1 Extended Resolution Radar Scan conversion display 21.3" X 2 x Amphenol 38999 2408x1536 4:3 1400:1 900 cd/m²

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